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What is a Bookmark and how do I use it?


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Dec 10, 2019
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Bookmarks are a handy feature that allow you to record a specific reply in a thread and come back to it later. I used the Dr. Powers thread as an example. Let's say you start reading through it, but can't finish reading the whole thread and want to come back later to exactly the place you left off. That is what bookmarks do.

In this example, I made it to post #25 on this thread. I made a bookmark this point. Maybe I come back to it a day or a week later. I want to get back to where I left off. Click on your user avatar in the upper right hand corner to open your account details. In there is a menu with an item named Bookmarks. Click on this and it will show you all of your bookmarks.

Click on a bookmark to go directly the post that was bookmarked.


Voila! You are back at the post that was bookmarked, where you can resume reading through the thread.
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