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Welcome to Trans Refuge from the staff


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Dec 10, 2019
Welcome to  Trans Refuge and thank you for taking the time to check the basics of the site. We chose the names in part because the founding members were on another site that was no longer able to meet our needs. We also hope the site will become a place where those who need support can find it. The goal is to have a ruling body so major decisions are not decided by a single individual. Faces may change in the ruling body as people move on in their life but hopefully the idea and site will continue.

Please ignore the painting crew, the clean up crew and the carpet layers. As normal, things didn't work as planed. Far too much time was spent dealing with getting the site up and working. This was because of the steep learning curve and the package had a few issues from the start. The work is still going on and may continue for a bit longer however what is here works and there will be more in the future. Up to to this point we have been vetting members one at a time before letting them on the site. This was for security and to select members that would provide content so the shelves weren't completely bare when we opened the door. Vetting was starting to become cumbersome with the number of people we were letting in and it was drawing time way from other tasks. While things may not be pretty, it's functional so we decide to open the doors for you.

We have 4 board members at present so I will do a brief introduction of each of them. They are free to make a more detailed introduction on this thread.

Katie is the idea person who made this all happen. She had the vision, pulled the crew together and might be considered the mother of the site.

Sparkles found the hosting site, did the initial install and let us in the empty building. She will also be providing the graphics and other support the site will need.

Linde is part of the future of the site. She has had experience with the direction we wish to take the site and will play a larger roll as time goes on ensuring the site will continue to exist.

Dena (that's me) is the chief handy person. For those who don't know me, I had my surgery in 1982 and have worked as a computer programmer for all of my professional life. I spent about 4.5 years on another site with almost 4 years as a senior level moderator. My tasks currently consist of configuring the site to fill our needs and generating some of the basic site documentation. In the future I will get the moderator staff up and running so we will have better 24 hour coverage of the site. If something is broken, let me know and I will add it to a rather long list at the moment.

Our thanks also go to the early members for the time they have spent  putting some of their work out there for you to explore. Some of the work is previous work but there  is new information as well. Hopefully this will be the template for the work to come.

Last but not least is you. We can provide a place to meet but the members make the site. Without members the site has no reason to exist so go forth and post. Make this place a home for others to follow.


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Oct 26, 2020
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Thanks for your invitation, Victoria


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Dec 10, 2019
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Hello Victoria, welcome to our refuge. Take a look around and ask questions if you want.
Would you please be so kind and tell us a little more about yourself? I am a little confused, you have a very female name, but indicate that your pronouns are defiantly male.

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