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Dec 10, 2019
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As many of you certainly know, I lost my voice last summer caused by a terrible bronchitis combined with laryngitis.  When I finally could talk again, I sounded like a rusty chainsaw, but not like an older woman.  It was very frustrating, because everybody I had telephone contact with started to call me "Sir".  That caused a big load of dysphoria for me.  I went to an ear, nose and throat specialist, and they found that my vocal cords were bend, so there was a gap in between the cords, and they could not close anymore.  And one of the two vocal cords was quite a bit bigger than the other.  You can see on the attached picture that the right cord is wider than the left one.

This means, a lot of the air I used for talking, went unused though this gap, and made it hard to talk and modulate my voice.  Mucous de[posited there, too, and caused the raspiness of the sound.

I need to see a voice pathologist for getting this corrected.  I took almost 6 months to get in to the best (according to Google search) in my area.  Dr. Bergen and I hit it off very well, and I see her once a week for a training session.  Those of you who talked with me during our Skype session can attest that I don't sound anymore like a rusty chainsaw.
I talked with Dr. bergen about the difficulties of some trans women to get a female sounding voice, and she feels that the exercises I had to do, should work for those women, too.
She also does vocal cord surgeries, but recommends pretty much against them for changing the voice from male to female.  She feels that almost all trans women could get a mostly female sounding voice without needing surgery.  Heer best friend is a very well known speech pathologist in new York, and she is a trans woman and is of the same opinion.
I have all the worksheets I got for my "classes", and plan to use those for some speech training classes here with the forum members by using our proven Skype or Zoom conferencing.

I plan to digitize the worksheets, and send them to the participates per email (or PM's) to have them available for each session.  I envision one lesson per week, to have a week time for the required exercises.  One needs only a few minutes per day to do them, because repetition is the major key to success herewith.
I envision to have classes of four members maximum, and establish several classes if more ladies are interested.
Please sign up in the following page, so I know to whom to send the worksheets, and whom to invite to each class.

I would like to point out that this is an additional free service of this forum, and any forum member can participate.  You can invited your friends, who might benefit from such a class, to join transrefuge.org, and they can also be part of the classes.

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