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Dec 10, 2019
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I had my first consultation for voice feminization therapy on March 16 at the University of Iowa Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic. They have a program specifically for helping transgender feminize or masculinize their voices. My first appointment was all evaluation exercises. Here are the results from my first meeting:

Objective measurements of voice taken on 3/16/2021via teletherapy are as follows:

Maximum phonation time: 21 sec. (Norms for adult male=25 sec. +/- 7, female=20 sec. +/- 6)
S/z ratio: 0.55 (Norms <1.4)

Fundamental frequency (Fo): 224 Hz, pitch WNL for female voice (no norms available for transgender female voice)
Comments: Pt was asked to produce an “ah” in her natural voice, frequency ratings were consistent with the initial measurement.
Reading pitch: average 251 Hz, pitch range 137 - 694 Hz
Conversational pitch: average 199 Hz, pitch range 134 – 566 Hz
Physiological pitch range: 125 Hz - 622 Hz. 28 semitones (normal > 20 semitones)
Comments: Taking measurements in teletherapy format may have affected results. Suspect acoustic measurements are not accurate.

The extremely high numbers on the range make me think that electronic distortion was involved, since this was conducted via Zoom. But, the average numbers are not far off from what I have seen on Voice Pitch Analyzer on my phone. I average in the upper 180s on that app. With numbers like that, I am feeling more confident that I can reach my goals without ever having to think about any kind of vocal surgery.


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Jan 26, 2020
Gender Pronouns
She, Her, Hers, Herself
Gender Identity
I have the first appointment of a series of 5 booked for 1 April. This will be my second set of 5, the first being early last year. I think that my pitch is in an OK range, it's more of the qualitative issues that I hope to work on.
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