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Dec 10, 2019
Gender Pronouns
She, Her, Hers, Herself
Gender Identity
Trans Refuge is a social and support community for transgender and intersex people, and a resource center for those who support us. We exist to connect transgender people, intersex people, and allies with friends and resources.

This site is operated by staff members who volunteer their time and abilities to make sure the site is operating smoothly and everyone has the best experience possible. In order to minimize the staff’s workload and maximize the experience that members have here, we ask that you adhere to the following site guidelines.

1. Posting of links that are consistent with site guidelines is allowed. In order to comply with fair usage, quotes should be less than 200 words and provide a link to the original source. You may quote beyond 200 words if you have permission from the content author. Never assume permission; actually contact the author and get permission (preferably in writing). If you do this, make sure to include the author's name and a source link if it comes from a website or name of publication and page number if it comes from a printed source.

2. Moderators and Admins must make decisions, and sometimes those decisions are not received as positive. If a decision or action is made that you wish to dispute, please contact the staff member by using the private Conversation feature or email them directly. Please do not settle disputes on publicly visible threads.

3. With the exception of specific areas of the site dedicated to surgical images, please do not post images or media that show surgeries, exposed portions of a body that might be offensive, or any other images that might contain blood or graphic content. Also please refrain from posting images or media that might be offensive in other ways.

4. This site is hosted publicly on the internet. That means that anything you post is visible to others (except in private areas like the surgical images areas, or by changing your personal privacy settings to "Members Only") is visible to the world and will remain that way indefinitely. We can remove your content if you request it or if there is a need to remove content for other reasons, but otherwise it will stay there and be visible forever.

5. If a post is offensive or you feel it is in violation of the site’s rules, use the Report button. This will flag the post for moderator review. If the moderator team decides that it is in violation of site rules, it will be edited or removed.

6. Discussions about or between transgender people frequently involves the topic of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We try our best to operate an open and unrestricted site, but we do have a hard rule about not discussing HRT dosages. Self medicating with HRT without the supervision of a qualified medical professional is dangerous and we do not want to provide information that might encourage some people to engage in risky behavior.

7. Respect other members. We have a diverse member base from all over the world spanning many different cultures and belief systems. We do our best to provide room for discussions of different belief systems, faith traditions, and philosophical viewpoints. We have specific areas of the site designated to topics about being transgender or intersex and being of a faith group. Please respect the expressions of members made in those areas even if you disagree with them.

8. Fundraising and other commercial activity or off-site surveys on this site are prohibited unless staff approval is granted. Pormotion or advertisement of fetish groups, sites, activities, and sexual solicitation is prohibited.

9. This website is not intended as an alternative to dating websites. We are not in the matchmaking business and do not want to be managing romantically inclined individuals. If relationships happen to develop between members we will not interfere, but we do discourage the use of the site for romance hunting.

10. There is a specific subforum that is only available by staff permission that is dedicated to discussing sexual issues (Controversial Topics). If you request permission to post in this area, we ask that you keep your posts relevant to sexual issues that are uniquely related to being transgender or intersex. Please don’t make it your own personal sex diary or bragging page.

In addition to these guidelines, the Terms and Rules page, the Privacy Policy page, and the Cookie Usage page provide greater detail about how your content and data are utilized by this website.
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