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Rachel Levine Secretary of Health


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Jun 14, 2020
Rachel is awesome. She taught a meditation class I took and spoke twice where I work. I also talked to her several times post Pride marches in Philly at Penn's Landing. Such an awesome choice. She is a MD and ran the trans clinic at Pittsburgh. The was chosen for Secretary of Health or PA. He life has be full of achievement and hardship. She discussed he journey and hardships. I love her !


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Dec 17, 2019
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That's super fantastic news about her. We'll finally have a president in the White House who will look out for us. I'm pumped that he picked Dr. Levine for that post.

I was thinking about something today. Now that we no longer have a bigot soiling the White House, and we've taken control of the Senate, we should be able to get the Equality Act passed. It passed the House two years ago, but the Republican idiot leading the Senate refused to bring it up for a vote. Of course even if he did the head bigot wouldn't have signed it. Now that we've taken the trash out, we can effect some good change and we can gain a little protection for ourselves.
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