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New member
Jan 5, 2020
I am finding it rather ironic that I am pulling my bra out of the same dresser drawers as I did long ago when the house was empty and I first explored my sexuality and my desire to be a woman. Long ago, I inherited my mother's dresser on her passing. This morning I stood before the very same mirror, above the dresser's marble top, that I did when I first secretly put on her bra. It's comforting no longer having to open her drawers when the house is silent. Her drawers are now mine and filled with all the same things. They are now my panties and my bras.

Overalls Bear

Dec 12, 2020
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Thanks for sharing this. I was an only child (many many years ago.) So, growing up, my mother's cloths and accessories were the only female things to which I had access. After I left left home, of course, I supplied my own wardrobe such as it was; always small... & purged numerous times. But I can relate to your observation regarding opening your mother's drawers when the house was silent. It brought back memories. (Sigh...)
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