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Dec 10, 2019
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Because this question with make up comes up over and over again, I want to share what I do for makeup. because of my extremely sensitive skin, I use only products from Obagi Medical. Those products are rather expensive, but if one wants to have top tier skin care products, one has to pay some money. Sephora products are similar costly.
Some of you may know how old I am. According to Google, the average woman of my age group looks like this
old woman.jpg
I think, I look a trifle younger (my avatar was taken about 2 weeks ago). Yes, nature was very friendly to me, and gave me, less masculine features, and did not push to many changes during the puny little puberty I experienced rather late in life. I never had a pimple in my face. But it is all my doing, to keep my face looking as young as I can.

For this, I have different day and night routines, which I want to share with you. I also want to mention that I do not put much makeup onto my skin, and use foundation as sparingly as I can, and only as spot covers in some areas that might be critical some days.

I start my evening routine with using Neutrogena Makeup Removal wipes, on evenings of days that I did put some extra color onto my face. Once all the paint has been removed I use a Face Gentle Cleanser, and apply it with special sponges I get on Amazon, I use one sponge to apply the cleaner, and on sponge to remove it. The sponges can be found here ( Amazon.com: 50-Count Compressed Facial Sponges, GAINWELL Cellulose Facial Sponges, 100% Natural Cosmetic Spa Sponges for Facial Cleansing, Exfoliating Mask, Makeup Removal: Beauty ).
Once my face is clean I use Toner which I apply with a cotton pad. The toner makes sure that the pores are deep cleaned and opened.
After the Toner is dried, I put Eye Cream onto my eyes, and massage it gently into the eyelids, and under the eyes, and to the sides of them. Following the eye cream, I apply Hyaluronic Acid (liquid) onto my entire face and neck, and once this is dried, I apply Retanace with vitamin A, and follow up with a moisturizer.

I am now ready to hit the sack. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes every night.

Now, after a good night sleep, I have to take care my facial skin again!
I clean my face the same as I did in the evening, by using the sponges and the skin cleaner. Once the skin has been dried, I follow up with a cotton pad with Toner.
After that the Eye Cream gets applied again onto the entire orbital area of each eye.
Following this, I apply a Vitamin C Serum, which is followed by a moisturizing cream containing Hyaluronic Acid.

For the case that I plan to leave the house, I now apply the actual makeup.
I believe in the theory that less is better, when it come to makeup. Because I need glasses when looking close, I always had a very hard time to work on my eyes. Because of this I had my eyebrows microbladed, and had the stray hair removed with electrolysis (hurt pretty bad near the nose). I also had an eyeliner tattooed onto my eyelids, which means I do not have to fumble with this rather delicate part of the eye makeup anymore. My eyes are almost done when I wake up in the morning.
I just have to apply some eyelid shadow, and some mascara. The mascara is a piece of cake for me, I don't even look into the mirror to do it. I prefer a rather dark, fiber containing mascara, which makes my lashes look quite a bit longer. My natural lashes are long enough that I don't need to glue on any fake lashes, as long as I use the fiber containing mascara. I do not apply anything to my lower eyelid, because I don't want to have my eyes being just two big black blotches in my face.
I apply some eye shadow the lazy way with the help of different eyeshadow pens (mine are from Julep). I smear a little with one finger over it to pull it out towards the brows.
The eyes are done and ready to go now!
It's the face now. The only time I use concealer is, if I find some blemishes on my skin (scratches, etc), and in that case I just apply a little bit to that specific area, and fan it out to all sides. Most of the time I do not use any concealer on my face, because it plugs up the pores, and my skin can't breathe properly.
I never leave the house without sunscreen applied. I use a screen that is based on Zinc Oxide/Titanium Dioxide, with the protection factor of 40. The screen I use is slightly tinted and gives some slightly tanned color to my skin. This tinted sunscreen covers the concealer up very nicely, and gives my face a healthy look.
Once the sunscreen is applied, I highlight my cheekbones with some rouge (I use powder for this, applied with a brush).
The rest of my cheek, and the back of my nose, gets some highlighting powder applied (mine is called Peach Skin Kiss by Revolution). I fan this powder out nicely with a rather big brush.
And now it comes to the lipstick. I never leave the house without lip coloring applied, and I coordinate my lip color with the color of my nails. I do not use the conventional kind of lipstick, but use the Super Stay liquid color from Maybelline that comes with a fat stick to keep the moist look.
This kind of lip color is applied with some kind of a brush, and I am really good in applying this in almost no time.

Now it is at the time to put earrings in, which I always do coordinate with my necklace.

Next is putting my desired top on, and do my hair.

All in all, it takes me about 45 minutes to get ready in the morning,but I plan with an hour for this, in case I am frustrated by something.

If you have any questions about my routine, please ask questions!

I exfoliate with a crushed lentil exfoliant once or twice a week.

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