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Jul 10, 2020
Going to family event as Debra does go good and sometimes bad.Most family members know I crossdress part time and are supportive.I do have a couple family members that they won't talk to me when I am dressed as Debra,they want to talk to me in guy mode.Both are cousins of mine are transphobic and I can't stand they are this way.Family members whom are supportive,they love and accept Debra in 100%.A couple of them are my cousin Kendra and Aunt Pauline.Kendra and I are close and says I always look beautiful dressed as a woman.She has memories of me when we were kids.One was when I was 8 years old,stayed over the weekend and I remember it too.Went into her closet and found a blue dress of hers to try on.I walked into the bathroom and put it on.She wondered why it was missing from her closet.Plus she knew me well more after that,having a strong feminine side to me.My Aunt Pauline,she knew I was not like one of the boys 100% tough and masculine.She has been seeing me living a happy life as a part time crossdresser.Plus she has so many memories of me from the past.One was when I was 15 years old over dressed as Debra,she had a box of clothes out and I spotted a couple dresses in there.Watched me pull them 2 dresses out of there,said they might not fit me.Told her if they fit me,I keep them as a bet.She looked at me and finally said deal.She lost the bet,fit me and I kept them.Said I looked good in them including my mom.My Aunt Pauline and cousin Kendra are on my side helping me out on these two non supportive cousins of mine talking to them,told them they need to realize I am like any normal family member in life
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