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Finally coming out 7 years ago


Nov 15, 2021
Gender Pronouns
She, Her, Hers, Herself
Gender Identity
Finally coming out 7 years ago was a huge relief for me.l was 35 at the time and wife noticed things were going on with me.She saw me as the husband and father that loved his life.When she was gone,l would go into her closet and try on her clothes including her bras.She noticed them out of place and never asked me about it at first before l came out.l knew it was time to come out to her about it.Also l was shopping for women's clothes in secret from her.l looked at her and have desires to live and dress as female.l also confessed to wearing her clothes too including shopping for women's clothes.She was speechless and saw l was struggling with something from my past.We talked and she decided to stay with me.Suggested l got help too which l did.Therapist saw l was living with transgender issues when l was in the closet.Next was my family and glad they are in my life.Told me they love me no matter what and the real truth about me came out.A dad of 4 son sons and my wife was involved helping out.Looked at them and told dad is going to live a new life living and dressing as female fulltime named Erica.Sons learned very good l have a much happier life as Erica.So far l have my life back since l came out
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