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Dec 10, 2019
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Hello, Forum Members,
I have discussed it with the other staff members, and we have agreed to end 501c3 status for TransRefuge. The reason for this change is the uprising of political radicalism in our nation that is enacting laws to outlaw bodily autonomy. We want everyone here, including staff members, to be free to endorse political candidates that will fight against the draconian laws being passed. Under the Johnson Amendment, the staff members of this site are not allowed to endorse any political candidate, nor make efforts to persuade anyone to vote for any candidate. We have agreed that there is too much at stake to be silenced by a tax code.

I will be dissolving the 501c3 organization and refiling the site and its operations. I have not yet determined if it will be best to restructure as an LLC or a sole proprietorship. Sole proprietorship makes things simple for tax purposes, and I am more than willing to accept the small tax liability for the revenue this site generates. Even if it operates at a loss, I will gladly pay taxes to give a free and unobstructed voice to our members and staff to speak up for the future of our nation(s). What is happening in the US will eventually spread to other nations, and we are the vanguard of the laws that will govern the generations to come. I hope that we all can play some part in stopping and reversing this trend we are currently seeing.
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