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Directing members from other sites to TransRefuge - Please Read


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Dec 10, 2019
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Some rumors made their way around to the staff that another site banned one of our members for mentioning TransRefuge on that site.

I want to be sure that we minimize disputes and feuds with other sites. We attract most of our membership through word of mouth and paid marketing. What may seem like word of mouth to any given member may be interpreted by the staff of competing sites as advertising or spamming.

If you wish to speak with non-members about TransRefuge or invite them to visit the site, please do so through direct email or means that does not utilize that site’s resources (i.e. private messaging).

The staff team has been been very clear in our position that we don’t exist to fight with competing sites. The internet is big enough for all of us. Let’s do our best to maintain a peaceful relationship with our neighbors in the transgender neighborhood.

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