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Staff member
Dec 10, 2019
Several of us might try to find a companion (Me included), and go to dating apps.  But those apps tnd lso be the source of "income" for scammers, also called catfish dating scammers, or sometimes chasers.
So, what to do when you feel you ran into such a person, how can you make sure the person on the other side is a scammer?
I found the following write up on this subject, and I would like to share it with you, cause i think it contains helpful information!
What should you do about catfish dating scammers (regardless of where you come across them)?
Caila Vennix, BA Communication, Metropolitan State University
Updated Jan 29

You have two options if it hasn’t happened yet. You can avoid them, or play their game (and contribute to the cause of legally weeding them out one by one). If you’re already a victim, report them to the FBI (link to Complaint Referral Form below).

Option One: Avoid them and save your time…
Find an imperfection on their photo, such as a specific mole or anything that you will be able to identify on another photo. Then either:

        Ask them to take a selfie doing something random and specific like touch their chin or nose or whatever without telling them what you are looking for
        Ask them to take a selfie and tell them what you are looking for… something like show them a closeup of it and ask them to point at it from underneath or put their finger on the right or left side
        Ask them to stick a damp piece of paper or something somewhere specific on their face or something and take a selfie.
        Ask them to do anything random and specific that they probably wouldn’t have a picture for
        Either way they will probably try to guilt you into trusting them. Tell them it’s not about them… you don’t really know them and you don’t trust random people on the internet. Tell them you want to trust them, but they have to give you a reason to do that. Trust can be earned
        A catfish accidentally gave me the idea about how to identify them… by asking me to take a selfie doing something specific… they then showed me a picture of them doing the same thing.
            Problem is that they chose the random thing based on pictures they already had.
            You have to choose the random thing and make them do it. They won’t have the needed picture.
            If they are legitimate, it’s easy for them to do.

Caila Vennix

Lady Sarah

Well-known member
Dec 26, 2019
I found my husband on a online dating website. I had several security precautions in place.

1. Most do not read profiles before sending messages. I put a line mixed into my profile "be sure to mention 'squirrel' in your first message just so I know you actually read my profile.

2. I never met anyone until I had talked to them on the phone for at least 2 weeks. Most people will give up within 7 days.

3. Never ever send anyone any money for any reason. I don't care if it is General Whathisname building a hospital in Nigeria.

On average, I reported a scammer every other day on OkCupid over a period of 20 months before I found my hubby. They are out there because a sucker is born every minute. Don't be a sucker. Play it smart.
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