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Dec 10, 2019
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I have always hated the way I look and feel in glasses. The glasses I have been wearing for the last seven years were heavy, clunky, old-man-ish looking safety glasses that I got at a previous job when I was a quality manager for heavy equipment manufacturing company.
Katie with glasses.jpg

Lately I have been getting frustrated with lens fogging when wearing my mask and decided to finally try contact lenses. The combination of looking ugly and fogging had finally made glasses a frustration I was no longer willing to accept. So, I'm trying out contact lenses. So far I like them. They are the daily disposable type. I opted for these due to my lifestyle. I frequently travel and don't want to be dealing with contact cases, cleaners, and possibility of losing any of those items. I also have a house full of kids and don't want the chance that one of my kids would mess with my contact lenses and leave me blind for two weeks until I could get my next set of lenses. I also think I look happier without the old man glasses on my face!
Katie with contact lenses.jpg
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